Solar Control IG Units

Our solar control IG units are produced using reflective glasses. Heat reflective coated glass is to coat multilayer of metal and metal oxide layers on glass surface by on line and off line coating technology. It can control visible light transmission and block solar radiation from entering the interior so as to reduce energy consumption of air-conditioning. In addition, it has many color options for modern building design. Its main function is to reduce the glass shading coefficient and restrict direct solar radiation transmission. Heat reflective coating does not reflect far infrared. Therefore, it has very little improvement in U value.

For areas which are exposed to strong sunlight in summer, the thermal insulation of heat reflective glass is remarkable. It can effectively reduce the solar radiation entering the interior. When there is no sunlight such as at night time or on rainy days, its thermal insulation performance is more or less like normal clear glass. From the energy saving point of view, heat reflective glass is not suitable for cold areas as cold areas need sunlight for heating the interior. The only purpose for using this type of glass in cold areas is for aesthetic.

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